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As a Transformational Mindset and Alignment Coach, I’ve been dedicated to the emotional, spiritual, and physical and financial well-being of women for over twenty years.

About me:

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I have been a transformational coach for over 20 years and I have a deep passion to help empower women to create a Limitless lifestyle as well as financial freedom. 
How do I do this?
I seamlessly blend my intuitive wisdom with extensive training in Naturopathy, Meditation, Manifestation, NLP, Reiki, Hypnosis, and many other modalities. My expertise goes beyond, as I skillfully guide women in overcoming emotional and energetic barriers to achieve healing and success. As a marketing and business consultant tailored for online female-led businesses, I bring a unique fusion of holistic wellness and strategic entrepreneurship to empower women on their transformative journey and generate wealth.

I currently work virtually with clients individually and in my group programs. My signature courses are Intentional Business Academy and The Limitless Woman Immersion.

I am passionate about working with women ready to elevate their self-worth, self-esteem, energy, and health and interested in learning how to create an intentional, aligned, optimal life and financial abundance!

With a distinguished career spanning over 20 years, I have owned 7 businesses and I served as the visionary founder and co-owner of one of the largest integrative medicine facilities in East Texas, extending my expertise to clients globally. With a deep well of knowledge in both healing practices and business success, I have become a go-to authority in the field.

I am a co-author of an Amazon Bestseller book called “Life Shifts- Women’s Stories of Surrendering to and Rising Above Life’s Challenges.”

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